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Terms of Service

Last Update: May 12th, 2020

Welcome to Bitamp. We’re a free client-sided virtual currency wallet so you can interact directly with the blockchain. Please read our Terms of Service carefully as they apply to your use of our products either on the website or on the app, as well as any related services we offer through the site.

1. The Basics

This Terms of Service is legally binding, and you agree that is the case by using our site and/or our products. You also agree to abide by any other rules or guidelines we post as they apply to specific services we have and features we deploy. Our privacy policy is part of the Terms of Service. If you’re accepting this agreement on behalf of a company, you agree that you have the authority to do so. When you create a wallet with us, you must agree to the Terms of Service.

Below, you’ll find incredibly important information regarding your rights and obligations, as well as any remedies for concerns you have. There is an arbitration agreement below. With the exception of the disputes we mention, any disputes between us will be resolved by mandatory, binding arbitration, and you hereby waive any right to participate in a class action lawsuit or class arbitration.

At any point in time, we can modify or revise this document, and you agree to be bound by those changes we make. We may try to notify you of those changes through social media, but you should routinely review the updated version of this document. If you continue to use our services, you have accepted any changes we made.

2. Eligibility to Use Our Site

Only users who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to use our site. Registration, use, or access to our site or products by anyone under the age of 18 is a violation of these terms. By using our site, you agree that you are over the age of 18 and that you will abide by our Terms of Service.

Our site is a free client-sided bitcoin wallet that allows you to complete transactions directly on the blockchain while you control both your keys and your privacy.

With some features of our services, you can create and access a wallet to complete several transactions. You do get a seed and private keys, but you don’t actually create an account with us. You also don’t give us your funds, and we don’t host them at any point. All of your funds remain on the blockchain, so we have no control over them. The data never leaves your machine. We hold no keys or information, and because of that, we can’t access your accounts, recover your keys or even reverse any transactions. You are responsible for your behavior on our site or while using our services, so you must make regular backups and maintain the confidentiality of everything you do here. By using our services, you relieve and release us for any and all liability and loss that may arise because you used our services.

Before you use our services, please take a moment to learn more about how they work through the other pages on our site.

Our Rights – Your Rights

All of our services are copyright and trademark protected. Unless we have expressly provided otherwise, we own all right, title, and interest in and to our services, including the intellectual property rights that are associated with them. Removing, altering, or obscuring any copyright, any possible trademark, or any of our service marks that are incorporated in our site or app is expressly forbidden. That includes any content it contains. The feedback or suggestions you provide for us are our property, and we reserve the right to use it as we wish. We also reserve the right to discontinue any part of our site at any point in time.

You agree that you will not use any harmful materials on our site, including viruses or Trojans, or anything like worms or logic bombs. Do not develop any third-party applications that might be able to interact with our services if we have not previously provided written consent in the past. Please do not give us false or inaccurate information or information that could mislead us. Furthermore, you should not encourage or induce anyone else to engage in any activities that are prohibited by us.

Content and Services from Third Parties

When you use our services, you can see the content and services that third parties provide to us. Those may include, but aren’t limited to links to web pages and services by third parties. We don’t endorse any third party content, nor do we control it. We have no responsibility for that content produced by third parties. Those materials may be misleading. They may also be incomplete or full of errors. It is also possible that they are offensive or objectionable. Any dealings you have with third parties are between you and that party.

We are not liable for any loss or damage you may suffer because of your dealings with third parties or their associated content.

Limited Liability

We disclaim any possible promise, representation, or warranty in any form, which includes, but isn’t limited to a warranty of merchantability, a warranty of fitness for any purpose, a promise of data accuracy, a warranty of system integration, a warranty of title, or a non-infringement warranty. Any of our services are provided in as-is condition and where and when they are available. When you use our site, you agree that we make no warranties under our agreement for the benefit of end users, and that our obligations are only for your benefit. If you enter into this agreement, you agree that you have not relied on any warranty from our site or affiliates except those expressly listed in this agreement. Access to our services may not be continuous or uninterrupted or even error-free.

In no event will we, our affiliates, our service providers, our employees, any of our agents, or any of our officers be responsible for any kind of damages that have come from your use of our site or services offered from our site. This includes any direct or indirect damages, any special or incidental damages, or any consequential or even any punitive damages. This includes, but it isn’t limited to personal injuries you may sustain, pain and suffering claims, any emotional distress you may have suffered, any potential loss of revenue, any possible loss of profits, any business loss or savings loss, or any loss of data, whether it was caused by a tort, a contract breach, or otherwise, even if it was foreseeable.

Nothing in this agreement that excludes liability or limits may go against applicable law.

Hold Harmless

If you use our site and services, you are agreeing to defend and indemnify us. Further, you agree to hold harmless our site and the team associated with it against any claim, including claims for damages, losses, and liabilities, as well as costs and debts or expenses of any kind.

Granted to You

The rights and licenses in this document cannot be transferred by you. They cannot be assigned by you. Instead, they may be assigned by our team without any possible restrictions.


Any disputes that arise under this agreement will be settled in binding arbitration. This works in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act. We will use the American Arbitration Association’s rules, but nothing in this agreement will limit your right to file suit in a small claims court or file representative action to get a public injunction.

In these situations, arbitration will be conducted by an individual arbitrator who is neutral. It will take place in the county or parish related to your billing address or a mutually agreeable location. It will take place using the English language. The arbitrator will use the state laws of New York. He or she may award relief that a court could award, which may include attorneys’ fees. The decision is enforceable by any court. By using our services, you agree that the arbitrator will have the authority to order relief, and you also agree to the decisions that may be made in that kind of proceeding. Those decisions will be final. If you request it, the hearing can be conducted in person or by phone. The arbitrator can submit and determine motions on briefs, even without an oral hearing. The prevailing party will be entitled to reasonable costs as well as any attorneys’ fees involved.

If there are administrative costs like filing fees, we will reimburse you should they exceed those that might occur if you proceeded with the case in court. If the court decides that any part of this section is invalid, it will be severed and resolved. The remainder of the agreement shall not be affected. If the invalid nature or unenforceability of any provision of this agreement creates a dispute, all parties agree that they will proceed in a court of law.

If you enter into this agreement, you waive any right you may have had to trial by jury as well as the right you may have to participate in a class action lawsuit.

Any party may look for equitable relief in court for cases involving the unlawful use of trade names or trademarks, copyrights or logos, or other patents or trade secrets to help maintain status quo before pending arbitration is completed. That request is not a waiver of any rights or requirements under this agreement.

This agreement, along with the Privacy Policy and any other legal notices we publish are the entire agreement between you and our sites and services. Our failure to assert any of the rights or provisions listed here does not constitute a waiver of that right or given provision.